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WetnWild Mega Last Lipsticks

WetnWild Mega Last Lipsticks

I bought one of these a couple of months ago on hearing the it was a good dupe for Mac's Velvet Teddy and we all know how Kylie Jenner made that famous, took me months to track it down, it was always out of stock.  Anyway this WetnWild one is called Bare it All.  I was a bit sceptical as I love my Mac lipsticks and I didn't think anything could compare to them.  Once I tried it I loved it, so I had to go back a buy a good few more.  Lot's of these lipsticks are good dupes for Mac ones. (Sugar Plum Fairy to Macs Rebel, Spotlight Red to Macs Ruby Woo and Cherry Bomb for Macs Diva)

So here's the low down on them.

The pigmentation of these is great.  They claim to be a matte finish and we all know it's harder to apply matte lipsticks.  But these glide on like a dream.  I would say that they have a semi matte finish. They are really long lasting and some of the more vivid colours last even after eating.  So I have 12 lipsticks out of the collection and fully intend on getting some more.  Priced at €2.99 each and widely available sure you couldn't go wrong.

Here are some swatches to give you an idea of the colours

Below from left to right
1. Bare it All, 2. Spiked with Rum, 3. Sand Storm, 4. Cinnamon Spice

Below from left to right
5. Rose Bud, 6. Mauve Outta Here, 7. Don't Blink Pink, 8. Cherry Picking

Below from left to right
9. Pinkerbell, 10. 24 Carrot Gold, 11. Spotlight Red, 12. Cherry Bomb

Descriptions of colours (All photos above where taken with flash, I feel it gives a better picture of the colour)
Swatches above were one swipe of the lipstick, so the pigmentation is great!

  1. Bare it All - A nude colour.  Be careful to wear this with a lip liner if you have a warm skin tone as it can wash you out. This has been compared to Macs Velvet Teddy, I do think that Velvet Teddy is darker. 
  2. Spiked with Rum - a dark warm pink/brown.  Suits lots of different skin tones.
  3. Sand Storm - A warm orange brown colour. Great again for everyday use.
  4. Cinnamon Spice - A dark brick red brown colour.
  5. Rose Bud - This is a warm pinky brown colour.  Another one great for everyday wear.
  6. Mauve Outta Here - It's a pinkish lavender colour that's great for everyday wear.  It's a cool tone colour.
  7. Don't Blink Pink -  This is one of my favourite colours. It;s a fuchsia barbie pink. 
  8. Cherry Picking - A dark cool toned fuchsia pink. One of the really long lasting ones.  I would compare it to Mac's Girl about Town.
  9. Pinkerbell - This is another cool toned light pink colour.  Similar to Macs Viva Glam Nickii. 
  10. 24 Carrot Gold - It's a orange coral red.  It you like Macs Lady Danger you will love this!
  11. Spotlight Red - A cool tone red colour.  It's a true red and comparable to Macs Ruby Woo, but much easier to apply.
  12. Cherry Bomb  - This is a dark red blood colour with a hint of brown.  Very similar to Macs Diva.  Great statement colour.
I recommend picking a few of these up, well worth it.
I hope my review was helpful. 

Luv Eithne

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