Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Boots Botanics Radiance Beauty Balm

Boots Botanics Radiance Beauty Balm

I recently picked this up in Boots, it was on offer so I said I give it a try.  Everyone has been comparing it to Mac’s Strobe Cream.  Now to be honest I’m not really a fan of the strobe cream.  It’s down to personal choice really.  I have combination skin so I find the strobe cream leaves me very shiny if I apply it all over my face.

The Botanics Radiance Beauty Balm comes in a 50ml tube and I got it on offer for €4.00 (originally 7.99), now compared to Mac’s strobe cream which is €33.50 for 30ml this is a great alternative.  So was it up to the job?

It can be applied several different ways, my choice was to apply it before my foundation.  I applied it with my fingers and let it settle for a couple of minutes.  I then went ahead with the rest of my makeup.  I love it, it gives a more subtle glow than the strobe cream.  Now saying that you could apply two layers of the balm for a more intense glow and get the exact same as the strobe cream.
It can also be applied over makeup to the cheek bones to highlight that area, or mix a drop into your foundation.

It gives a semi translucent pearl finish to the skin, which would be great even on no makeup days.  It minimises visible signs of fatigue leaving skin glowing.  It contains Hibiscus which brightens the skin leaving your skin softer & smoother, prefect prep for makeup.

I’ve bought the serum also, but have yet to test it out.  I’m definitely going to try out more from the Botanics range and give a review. This balm is going to replace my strobe cream.

Have you tried the Balm or prefer the strobe cream?  Have you tried any other products from this range?  I’d love to hear.



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  1. This is my must have & love it... Xx (oh_so_fash) xx